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Xi'an WanSheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xi'an, the ancient capital of the millennium. It specializes in laser lights, high-power laser lights, outdoor roof landmark laser lights, waterscreen laser movies, stage laser lights, and stage lights. The laser performance system is designed, developed, produced, sold, sold, and other professional laser lighting manufacturers, providing customers with personalized lighting solutions for comprehensive high-tech enterprises. The professional team, perfect the division of functions, high-end effective work platform, and structure the strong guarantee of Halloween photoelectric technology service customers. Our company is guided by the actual needs of customers, and with many years of service experience and expertise, provides customers with a series of technical support such as lighting leasing, programming, installation, commissioning, handling and after-sales service. To ensure that the product in use to reflect the best results, so that customers are secure. Our company has professional laser performance equipment-imported 60W or less full-color laser lights and the company's own research and development of more than 100 large and small laser lights, widely used in stage lighting engineering, buildings, concerts, awards, conferences, large-scale celebrations and performances, exhibitions and so on. The purpose of our service is to: Honesty, fairness, good faith, reasonable price, equality and mutual benefit. Our mission: The company closely follows the theme of the era of the Chinese dream. With the beautiful vision of "We have created the beauty that has been collected by the city," we take the concept of harmonious symbiosis between people, nature, and ecology as the concept to create a city space that is dazzling, environmentally friendly, and beautiful. The best visual design and production team in the United Nations has jointly created a visual feast for acoustic and optical hydropower, and has continuously created its own landmark architectural decoration and green and environmentally friendly visual space and human ecological space for China's modern cities. After long-term development, it now has the ability to provide customers with complete thematic landscape solutions, from creativity to design, implementation, and management. With hard work, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of the company, to create an international brand as a great wish, and action, to achieve the Chinese dream to add glory! Cooperative projects: Shanxi Spring Festival Evening Laser Show Shenmu Spring Evening Qingyang North Grottoes Water Curtain Film Changzhou TV station Libo City Government Dushan County National Forest Park Hohhot City Green Park Wanda Group Laser Advertising Century Golden Flower Laser Advertising Tomorrow's son Zheng Yi Concert .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..


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Our Advantages

Years of accumulated experience in design and development in the field of electronics.

  • Nationwide real-time response
    Nationwide real-time response

    Our business covering the whole country, and even extends to abroad. Company is located in the ancient capital of xi 'an in one thousand, convenient traffic convenient gives our company the response of the channel, whether you in any corner of the country, we can quickly response to customer demand, providing customers with professional performance of the laser design, installation and integration services.

  • Professional team To ensure efficient
    Professional team To ensure efficient

    Professional team, the perfect function allocation, efficient work platform, frame the powerful safeguard all saints photoelectric technology service customers. I company with the actual needs of customers as the guidance, with years experience and professional technology services, to provide customers with laser leasing, programming, installation, debugging, manipulation and after-sales service and so on a series of technical support, to ensure that the product in use is the best effect, make customer rest easy.

  • Equipment resources
    Equipment resources

    My company has a professional laser show equipment and imported under 60 w full-color laser, laser as well as the company independent research and development of various size more than 60 units, are widely used in the stage of engineering, building, concerts, awards, conference, large-scale celebrations and performances, exhibitions and so on.

  • Duty first The broad
    Duty first The broad

    I companies with the subject of the era of the Chinese dream, with a harmonious ecological coexistence of man and nature, for the idea, to create brilliant, environmental protection, beautiful city space as own duty, combined the most excellent visual design team, together with acousto-optic hydropower visual feast, for China's modern science and technology to build their own visual space.


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